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Day 8: In your own space, make a list of at least 3 things that you like about yourself.


Well, actually, this could be worse. My first reaction to this prompt was panic, though, which I feel is #relateable


1.) My knack for learning languages. I can learn the basics of a new language in a very short time, and there doesn't seem to be a limit on the number of languages I can learn; my brain doesn't mind overlaps or weird contraries. English is, what, my fourth language? And I'm fantastic at it. I'm really grateful I can do this, and it's something I gloat over since no one else in my family can do it. I always play interpreter and it's fun. I'm not the best at pronunciation for sounds that don't mesh with the things my ear is used to, but honestly I usually make up for that with grammar and vocab. (This is the case especially in my Austronesian languages.) Anyway this is my biggest talent and I like it about myself.

2.) Being mixed. It's ruined my self esteem in a lot of ways, but like, I feel like being from several completely different cultures has increased my empathy and understanding about the ways different cultures work. It's pretty rare for me to stumble over cultural differences instead of absorbing them; after all, I lived in a family where one parent would yell to take off my shoes in the house and the other thought it was important to leave them on when downstairs. (And before that I didn't wear shoes, because it was a waste of time to put them on.) I've embraced it now. 

3.) My sense of style. I'm great at getting dressed. I'm tall, around 180cm, or like, 6ft? and something I love is high heels and tailored dresses and all that. It seems silly to count this as a thing I like about myself when other people probably have deep answers, but getting dressed is something I genuinely enjoy, and I love wearing outfits that are bright and eye-catching like a peacock. I like red lipsticks and outrageous prints and those clothes you see at a thrift shop from the 80s where you aren't sure if they're hideous or fabulous. Clothes are fun, and I'm good at them. So yeah, I guess when I'm not hiking around unshowered in the wilderness, I'm really fastidious about getting dressed. And I like that about myself.
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