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Watching: Sushi Police. a delightful short anime with bite-sized 5 minute episodes! 

Writing: Very Sekrit Baseball Fic, ShikaNaru ship manifesto

Reading: The Marvels, by Brian Selznick. I'm a huge Selznick fan; he's never disappointed me. His books always feel like a wonderful adventure, and I'm in love with his storytelling. Also you have to get the physical book-- half of his artistry is the paper choice, the illustrations, and the actual design of what is always a 600lbs book haha. Anyway, two interlocking stories might be very interesting-- I want to try this with my own writing some time.

Reccing: Two fics and a podfic! 
  • Fic 1: i looked at you and saw forever is a great teen wolf fic with an allison/stiles pairing and Great???? Allison characterization!! It's a very good read, and also it is a soulmates au, and i adored most of it. I wouldn't have characterized Scott like this, but it's not my fic, and I think what the author did was really excellent, so! Recced.
  • Fic 2: tides of loneliness. this is a ruroken g/pg rated ABO fic where kenshin's omega dynamic makes him the most loyal soldier in the revolutionaries' army. it's So Good. i wish there was more, but it's complete, and i'm satisfied.
  • Podfic: the summer queen, read by opalsong, GoT podfic, sansa is queen of westeros, enough said tbh.

Listening: Hello Friday Flo Rida & Jason Derulo, Drip Drop Taemin

Cooking: I made chanko-nabe twice this month for group parties! it's delicious, and this is pretty close to my recipe.

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