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Watching: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, season 1 & 2. I've been meaning to do this for years, and also to read it!

Writing: IHX fic for [redacted] fandom, and Very Sekrit Baseball Fic

Reading: I'm currently slogging my way through Moloka'i, which is about Hawaii and Kalaupapa, the leprosy colony. It's another book about a female POC protagonist by a white man, like Memoirs of a Geisha, which is always a bit of a tough sell for me, but I think he's actually done a nice job, even if the content of this novel makes me deeply conflicted for other reasons. I say slogging through for a lot of reasons, none of which are the prose or the characterization, and most are deeply connected with my issues with this period of history. I think, so far, it's a valuable story, even if, yet again, it is about the tragedy visited upon young female children during long stretches of terrifying ignorance that we can still see the echoes of today. It's well researched and well written, and I forget, often, that a man has written this-- he's very successful in character emersion and storytelling, and it feels vivid and real and heartbreaking. 

Reccing: A few podfics, a fanartist, a podcast, and a fic.
  • Podfics: ao3 user becsfer podficced my iwaoi fic, to be first, to be best. she has a delightful voice and i absolutely adore her Oikawa voice and it's a real honor! i also devoured what i did on my summer vacation by lunchee, which is truly a testament to both the quality of the fic and lunchee's reading because despite the sheer quantity of AWESOME fic that seems to come out of Sterek fandom, i don't seek it out or get super into it!
  • Fanart wise, i'd like to rec tumblr user wasongo, who has one of the most interesting styles ever; i've been following him for a few years now and I'm super into his colouring and lineart. The thickness of his lines and the use of dark brown instead of black in a lot of his digitally coloured pieces is so!!! cool!!! also he loves DGM and not enough people love DGM.
  • Fic: one of my secretly beloved Naruto fanfics ended this month after a few years! it's a f!naruto/kakashi fic called Making Arrangements. Any way I try to sell this by plot alone is going to raise your eyebrows, because it's the best kind of tropey, but this fic is amazingly funny, charming, witty, heartwarming, romantic, and just, in general, pretty beloved to me. I ADORE this fic, and I wish I could write something this warm and fuzzy without my depression getting in the way. A++++++++
  • Podcast: My Favorite Murder is just two interesting women talking about their favourite murder cases. It's amazing. I've always felt a bit of guilt over my obsession with gruesome crimes, because of obvious reasons, but these women understand me on a spiritual level, and are really wonderfully good at explaining the appeal. In general, I've tended to prefer historical crimes, where there's more distance between our time and the events, but each crime they discuss is pretty fascinating, and let's be honest... who doesn't want to know the identity of Jack the Ripper?

Listening: Champagne Problems by Nick Jonas, whyyyyyy is Nick Jonas becoming everything to me musically???????

Cooking: Thai Green Curry! I love green curry and eat it at least three times a week like the champ I am! I use a version of this recipe, with half a cup more (full fat) coconut milk and some eggplant/aubergine! The low-fat/light coconut milk isn't better for you, don't fall into the trap that all fat is bad fat, etc.

Link Roundup: I have no interesting links for anyone right now, honestly, but if anyone wants to play the Sims4 Legacy Challenge with me please let me know!