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Day 6: In your own space, create a list of at least three fannish things you'd love to receive, something you've wanted but were afraid to ask for - a fannish wish-list of sorts.

Oh wow. This is hard, because I've always felt like if I want something written I'm supposed to write it myself. But.

1.) Canon-verse soulmate AUs. I love when soulmates and the concept of them are weaved directly into canon. I always think that I'm going to ask for this in an exchange, but I'm nervous I'm too picky: I like soulmate aus that are not inherently romantic for this; like, two people are destined to be important in each other's lives by fate but that doesn't necessarily translate to romance. like imagine a harry and hermione who are soulmates, and find understanding and affection in each other. harry as best man at hermione's wedding and hermione who teaches harry's daughter how to drive because harry is a reckless driver and he shouldn't be passing that on to the next generation. or imagine oikawa and ushiwaka as soulmates destined to challenge each other. destined to stand on opposite sides of the court and force each other to grow in different ways. OR a midousuji marked for onoda, who teaches him how to have friends without changing, without thinking he has to lash out at kindness and drive it away before it's snatched from him instead. these kinds of soulmate aus thrill me. and if it is romantic, when it becomes romantic, it is not inevitability or an expectation but a choice, that someone will be important to you in that way, too. (and imagine the social politics of that; of a world where your soulmate can be an enemy or a friend or a confidant or a rival, and all you know about them is that they matter to you. it grabs inevitability and throws it out the window. imagine fake-dating in this universe. "mom, i can't go on blind dates anymore, i've fallen for my soulmate" and everything falls back in. unrequited pining, uncertainty, angst, doubt... delicious. and knowing you can't mess this up, that this person is something to you but not knowing what you are to them-- it's every romance trope i like but magnified, or distilled, and that's perfect and exactly what fic is about.)

2.) baekhyun and suho wearing dresses together. boys in dresses is so. important to me. fic, art, pipit's headcanons... i just... why won't SM just give me this. anyway fandom if you could hook me up with this i would be in your debt for eternity. 

3.) can someone make a mashup of EXO's wolf and Duran Duran's Hungry Like the Wolf i'm asking for a friend and not because I'm satan okay just--

4.) i wish there was a (lockable) place where we could collectively share fic snippets with groups of people we've chosen. like a simple page where you can post a section you're trying to troubleshoot and get feedback from everyone in different colours. not like google docs, which is my go-to beta place, but something like MWC but with the ability to share bits of text or  <1000 words of draft. I guess. I've been thinking about this for a while, but I'm not a huge fan of gdocs for varied reasons, but a lot involves not wanting my betas to have each other's emails on default without permission, or wanting necessarily to link fic with gmail because targeted advertising has gotten totally bizarre thanks to my porn odyssey aus.

EDIT:// looks like it might be worth a try *____*

5.) a podfic of an invincible summer. it really hurts my eyes to read long fic but i want my favourite things to be recorded so that i don't have to make siri read them aloud--