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Day 10: In your own space, share your love for a trope, cliché, kink, motif, or theme. (More than one is okay, too.) Tell us about it, tell us why you love it, give us some examples and recs.


I'm going to do tropes first. It should come as no surprise that I love making characters suffer a lot before ultimately giving them a happy ending, but, well, I do. I want every kiss to feel earned, I want the threads of sexual tension and emotional tension to be so tightly pulled that you never know when they'll snap. I live for that in writing-- my own and other people's. It's just something I like, and some tropes lead to it more readily than others. Which brings me to my list.

1.) Fake dating: No list I ever make can exist without this VANGUARD of my fic arsenal, the fake dating fic. I love fake dating. I will die on this hill. I love everything about it. I love friends willing to run the family gauntlet to take the pressure off during the hols, I love the feigning romantic emotions and the slow horror as they turn real, I loVE WHEN ONE OR BOTH PARTIES HAS BEEN IN LOVE THE WHOLE TIME AND STARTS THE CHARADE AGAINST THEIR BETTER JUDGMENT, JUST BECAUSE THE OTHER PERSON ASKS-- *ahem* What I mean to say is, this trope rly gets me every fucking time, I'm like a horse drawn to the emotional water, the moth to the desire flame, let me just live a little.

Now, I have a lot of fake dating favs. Here's a Baeksoo (EXO) fic written by tatoeba, under false pretenses, where kyungsoo pretends to be baekhyun's boyfriend for his parents but the Feels Are Real. And this old kaner/tazer FAKE MARRIAGE fic which I like to read as original fiction since we all know i'm a Dallas Stars girl and I don't know about anyone that's not playing for the Stars. There's this 1D fic, which was a fun read bc I love canon fic of people being famous and in boy bands even when I only know the names of three members of 1D, about louis and harry pretending to date as a publicity stunt, which could have been an icky premise but ended up being executed in a really fun way. (by fun i mean angst don't get it twisted.) [note that this fic in particular is v YMMV] There's this Hawaii 5-0 fic where danny and steve pretend to be a merried couple to bust a cartel, a delightful case fic, and speaking of case fic, here is a delightful joan/sherlock elementary case fic, which is about finding kidnappers and cu;lture clashes and etc.(my otp is sherlock/marcus bell, but i bend my own rules all the time.) This Supergirl Kara/Cat fic!!! Where they are so cute and pining!! This should be a good start. I want to write a really long one of these one day with Shinichi and Kaito, but that'll have to wait until I finish Sign of the Five.

2.) Secret dating: OKAY SO, the thing is, secret dating is about equal with fake dating for me because I'm a complete sucker for tiptoing around and guilt from lying and in-actionable thwarted jealousy. I'm So Stressed when I read these fic but also so happy, thrilled, i'm such a sadist towards characters when i'm watching a slowburn develop. I LOVE THIS TROPE. it's hard to explain why i like it so much, but i'm very interested in internal conflict. in fact, i find internal conflict twice as interesting as external conflict, and secret dating takes an external conflict and turns it into something internal, secret, hidden. Like the Japanese concept of inside and outside face, right? anyway, that's fascinating to me and i adore it. 

Some fics I like include this harry/draco from a few years back, where draco is working overtime to keep harry alive while not letting slip he means much at all to him, and i won't rerec all the world's a stage, by torigates, which i recced a few days ago *whistles*. There's also this cute hinata/tsukki fic, i swear i don't read exo fic or haikyuu fic at all unless it was written for me in an exchange but SOMETIMES THE TROPE DRAGS ME IN and I stay because I read these tropes in fandoms I've never even heard of. And if you know of any good ones in any fandom that's not teen wolf or supernatural I WILL READ THEM.

4.) Soulmates: Can I really, REALLY cho OSE a fa VOURITE SOULMATE FIC? I love soulmates. I write so much meta about soulmates that I am fresh out right now, but please understand that this: this trope makes me feel so happy when it's done in a nice choice-available way. I love them i love soulmates ;;;; this is emmi's favourite, a kagehina haikyuu!! fic with gorgeous prose that was recced to me a thousand years ago. A Poe/Finn that's about discovering yourself as much as discovering someone else. This steve/tony avengers fic is really a sentinel au, but what is a sentinel au but an often platonic soulmates au with telepathic bonds??? This Root/Shaw from PoI ficlet dump chock full of soulmate aus. There's so many out there, and again, if you have a fave, feel free to tweet me it i will read it i will read it even if it's teen wolf. but not supernatural i'm sorry i've failed you all.

And a bonus kink!

1.) Shaving: All my kinks are about trust or consensual possessiveness. Sexual and nonsexual tbh, haha. But shaving kink is near and dear to my heart for a multitude of reasons, not just the trust that's naturally involved in letting someone put a blade to your skin and drag it, and not just the the deep intimacy of it that makes someone feel a little bit yours, either. There's also something oddly sensual to me abt the slow feel of straight razors, and something fascinating about feeling the texture of someone's skin change under your fingertips, the slight bitter smell of shaving cream, even the girly floral kinds. I love shaving. I. l. OVE i T, it's super sexy, I'm 5000% into it. Some shaving kink done the way I prefer: kyouhaba, ofc, and this bucky barnes/t'challa fic that's right h/c, this steve/danny broken hand shaving fic....JUST ACCEPT THAT I LIVE HERE IN THIS HOUSE, THIS IS MY HOUSE, THE SEXY SHAVING HOUSE.

Anyway this has been a short but not exhaustive list of some shit i like, annnnnnd i'm going to make it by midnight!