Jan. 28th, 2016 02:40 pm
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cras amet qui nunquam amavit; quique amavit, cras amet 

Fic Stuff

To promptly get a reply to an inquiry, direct e-mails to me here(click).

If you'd like to keep up with my kpop/rpf fic endeavors, that will be at [personal profile] curledupkitten and on tumblr at kitception.
particularly interested in ficlets? that's in the stuff kitten writes tag. I can also be located under the pseud curledupkitten on AO3, should you prefer ebooks or pdfs of my work. additionally, all beta mistakes are corrected first and foremost on AO3.

If you're looking for any other kind of fic, meaning my writing for any fictional character fic, my home base is over at [personal profile] momoshiro . My anime and etc tumblr is whyiskisehere, and my AO3 pseud is kittebasu. This sort of fic is only posted on AO3, and I'd like it not to be posted anywhere else.

Don't send asks expecting a quick reply. Just e-mail me.

I have a blanket policy on most transformative works: I am okay with being podficced and with being translated. You do not have to ask me, although I would like a heads up, so that I can tell you if someone else has already started a translation or podfic, and because I want to see it. My only request is that the original work be linked somewhere in the header! I do not want to be remixed.

Personal Stuff

I have attempted to aggregate myself at distlled

But for clarity's sake, I can be found at listography, and on twitter, as well as on anilist (I'm still trying to figure out anilist).

I'm aware that my personal tumblr is easy to find, but I do not maintain that tumblr for anyone but myself. Do not send me asks on my personal tumblr. 

I am attempting to be less misanthropic, so I generally DO want to reply, but the best way to reach me is, by far, my e-mail or twitter if you're unlocked.